Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well here is my last entry for tonight . The two cakes you see here are the ones I had our
youngest son make for me for our DD's wedding shower. He didn't think he did a very good job on them but I thought he did and so did the guests as well . He has never made a straight cake like these they have always been the novelty ones .I was very proud of the work he did on them
(and they were delicious as well lol )

Well good night


Brenda Lou said...

Those look luscious!!! And your son made them???

blueladie said...

Those cakes are wonderful! Your son should be very proud of himself! Also your yard and garden are beautiful! Thanks for the heads up about your blog!

kakie48 said...

Thanks for the lovely compliments on my son's cakes I will have to tell him :o) .He did make them but then he went to college to become a chef (he wants to bake though more then anything but no such jobs like that around here so he does it on the side :o) )It sure is handy for me as I am terrible with baking lol .

Thank you Cathryn for the lovely compliments on the cakes (I keep telling him he should be proud of what he does as well but he is like his mom that way lol ) thank you also for the lovely compliments on my yard and flowers .I had a lady tell me yesterday (she is one of several now ) who told me my yard looks like a peaceful park to rest in :o) .So I guess I have done my job well lol

Truckingmom said...

He did a great job. You have good reason to be proud of him.