Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hi everyone
Well I have asked the daddy of the little girl i watch for pemission to show the pic I am stitching of her as it progresses and the final piece and he has said yes :o) . So here goes .I started about the end of June and after 2 weeks I had managed to get 8 rows done as you change colors almost every stitch in it ,but after looking at it Iwas not happy and changed the material and after a week I am at 6 rows now and happy with how it is looking so far .So this is the first of many pics of this piece to come.Out of all the pieces I have done over the years this has to be my biggest piece

Well off to the strawberry patch


Brenda Lou said...

Nice!!! You're a brave soul....LOL How big is the finished piece going to be?

kakie48 said...

I am not sure now as I changed the material .It was suppose to be done on aida and I am doing even weave.If I figured out the stitches right there are almost 16,000 .That was enough to almost scare me off but this is such a pretty picture I have been wanting to do it lol

Colleen said...

It is going to be beautiful when you are done! Keep on stitching!

Michelle said...

Its looking good so far and going to be worth all the hard work once you've finished :), how are you finding it to stitch? i'm hoping to start soon on stitching a picture of my mum and her mum as a gift but have never attempted this before lol

Also there a little something for you on my blog xx

kakie48 said...

Hi Michelle
Actually the stitching is going really good , the only thing for this pic is that you have to change colors almost every stitch which is time consuming but so worth it :o) .