Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well here is one more for the night and this is what I like to call my favorite spot in the yard:o).
the lawn swing is where I like to go to stitch ,and down in the corner is where I have a little bench and another child's picnic table , the grandkids and the little girl I watch like to call it the bubble blowing area lol . The tree that sits right in front of the lawn swing has a momma robin in it so Miss Emmy and I have been able to watch the little birds each day as they get their meals from momma .As Miss Emmy says worms yumm yumm NOT !! lol

Well that's it for the night , I am off to do some stitching .

Till later


Brenda Lou said...

Your gardens look lovely!!!

kakie48 said...

Thanks Brenda :o)