Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have kept my identity a secret all these years chatting with all my friends because to be totally honest I am ashamed at how i have gone over the years (but trying to change that even at this old age ) .As I could not say no to pics being taken at our DD's wedding they are now being seen quite a bit so for those of my friends who are not on Facebook here I am with our DGD Cheyenne and she does look every bit the princess that she is :o).I have another princess DGD but she was not there that day as her daddy was busy and wouldn't have been able to keep track of her .The head and eyes of the one little boy you see are of Nathan the son our our oldest son's girlfriend and that wee bit of blonde you see are of our grandson Austyn

till later


Brenda Lou said...

What a pretty picture of all of you!!!

kakie48 said...

I will admit that one turned out nice (rare to hear me say I look good in a pic )but the photographer was good at her job :o)