Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi Everyone , it has been way to long since uploading pics here (blame it on my server /computer problems .Anyway here's hoping that I don't have anymore .
I guess the best way to start off is by thanking my friends on sapphirestitching group for all the lovely bday gifts I received from them :o) . I celebrated my 51 on Jan 31 by being spoiled with everything I received from them as well as season 7 of Charmed fr my youngest son :o) this first pic is of some stash gifts (nothing better to receive when you are a stitcher lol then lots of stash ) is from Cindy ,thank you very much for all the lovely gifts :o)
Well here's hoping this will load up so everyone can see what I got
I am off now to stitch till bedtime .till later
your stitching friend

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